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With more than 30 years of experience in wear casting manufacturing, we are determined to produce the finest manganese liners and are proud to put our name on our products.


Premium Crusher Wear Parts


Countries Supplied

We provide quality parts to markets in more than 25 countries around the world, including United States, Australis, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, etc.


Available Patterns 

We have more than 1,000 patterns that range from the most popular liners to the ones discontinued by OEM manufactures.


Parts Shipped

With over 30,000+ castings produced and shipped, we are  proud of our premium product quality.

Premium Crusher Wear Parts

Reliable, durable, affordable

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You can rely on MnSteels for your wear parts needs


We are dependable

At MnSteels, customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our partners/customers can count on our team and our products.


We are passionate

Our team is passionate about what we do and what we can offer to our partners/customers.


We are always improving

In recognizing that technology and business environment is constantly evolving, and we want to be part of all positive changes.


It Fits


It Lasts


It Never Cracks

MnSteels Production Capacity & Targets

Design, QA and Pattern Making - Capable of 6,000 tons annually, currently running at 4,000 tons.


Melting and Pouring - Equipped for 8,000 tons annually, currently running at 4,000 tons. New plant targeting 15,000 tons annually.


Machining - Equipped for 6,000 tons annually, currently running at 4,000. New plant targeting 15,000 tons annually.


History of Our Foundries



Great Wall Foundry Established

Mr. Zhou led a team of four to start Great Wall Foundry in Wuzhou, Guangxi, China. With a 200 kg furnace, the foundry started with melting metal scraps into steel blocks that were sold to bigger steel makers as melting material.


Starting with Manganese

Observing the booming in China's economic reform, Great Wall Foundry started to produce manganese jaw liners up to 500 kgs that were popular among quarries in Guangdong province.


New location, New page

To increase its manufacturing capacity, Great Wall Foundry moved to a new location at Zhongshan, Guangxi, China. A new foundry was built with four one-ton furnaces. Large jaw liners up to 3 tons were made to meet the demand in the market as a result of larger crushers became more and more common.


Addition on Cone Liners

Great Wall started to produce cone crusher liner parts.


R&D Team and 18% Manganese

Great Wall Foundry began to build its own R&D team, focusing on metalogy. Later the foundry successfully started producing castings with 18% manganese contents. 


Expansion and Machining

Great Wall Foundry expanded its foundry in 2007 and a new machine shop was built to accommodate the demand of machined parts for export markets.


"Clean Melt" and "Die Casting with Sand Layer"

After years of study and research, Great Wall Foundry perfected its techniques of "Clean Melt" and "Die Casting with Sand Layer". These concepts are still the key characteristic of parts it manufactured. "Clean Melt" gives our product great advantage when 21% and 25% manganese parts were added to our production. 


OEM and 100% International

With the "Clean Melt" practice and "Die Casting with Sand Layer" technique, Great Wall Foundry successfully brought the attentions of some leading manufacturers of big crusher brands. The foundry started to supply OEM wear parts for OEM partners of crusher manufacturers. Its international sales team was formed as MnSteels and began its first step to the international market.


New Plant, Next Chapter

Great Wall started its new plant project in Fuchuan, Guangxi, China. Our company was reformed as Guangxi Great Wall Machineries Co., Ltd.


Focusing on the future

The new plant was completed in late 2021, with the hugely improved manufacturing capacities, our team will keep delivering the world with quality wear parts.


Our foundry is located in Hezhou,Guangxi, China, 450 kms away from Yantian, Shenzhen. 

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (KWL), about 200 kms from our foundry. Taking the high speed rail from Guangzhou to us (Zhongshanxi) is about 2 and half hours and 1 hour from Guilin.

Room temperature.
– All castings go through a cooling phase which takes from 48 hours to 120 hours
depends on the thickness of the castings. For example, our C200 plates are about
300 mm thick, they have to cool down for at least 100 hours.
– Each casting has a process sheet which lists the related requirements, including
cooling time. 

Our main products are manganese crusher plates including cone crusher liners and jaw
crusher liners. As well as other manganese steel parts.

For new items, the lead time is 45 days. For reoccurring orders, production can be completed in 30 days.

We are certified for ISO9001:2008.

We have two 4 meter vertical lathes which can machine castings up to 4 meters in diameter.
For jaw crusher wear parts, we can handle up to 4 x 2.5 m (13 x 8 ft). 

Government policies require us to have our equipment tested once a year. Our own policy
requires all to be tested twice a year, and some equipment with quarterly calibration. 

We use bottom pour ladle, the temperature is 1,420 degrees centigrade when pouring the
first product. Pouring temperature for the rest products from the same ladle is lower than 1,420 degrees centigrade. 

We use two 5 ton induction furnaces, maximum melt is 14 tons. We are expecting to increase the melt capacity in the near future.

Our new plant project completed in July 2021, and our capacity has been increased to 15,000 tons annually.

Head office - Foundries

Zhongshan, Hezhou, Guangxi China 542600
Phone: +86 774 8970280
Fax:       +86  774 8866715

All Enquiries

Email: info@mnsteels.com             

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